Double Layer Sphere Charm Necklace

Product Details

Product details

Channel a distinctive mix of femininity and whimsy with this necklace, bringing a sense of individuality and confident self-expression.

- Double layer design

100% metal

Avoid Contact with Moisture: Remove jewellery before swimming, showering, or participating in water-related activities. Moisture can tarnish metals and damage certain materials.
Store Properly: Store each piece separately in a jewellery box or pouch to prevent scratches and tangling. Consider using anti-tarnish strips or airtight containers to protect metal finishes.
Keep Away from Chemicals: Avoid exposing your jewellery to harsh chemicals, such as perfume, hairspray, and household cleaners. These can cause discolouration and damage to stones and metals.
Clean Regularly: Gently clean your jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth after each wear to remove oils and residues. Use a mild soap and water solution for more thorough cleaning, but ensure the piece is suitable.
Be Mindful of Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade or damage certain materials, especially plastics and coloured gemstones. Store jewellery in a cool, dark place when not in use.
Handle with Care: Wear your jewellery after applying makeup, lotions, and perfumes to avoid transferring substances onto the pieces. Remove jewellery before engaging in physical activities to prevent damage.
Rotate Your Pieces: Give your jewellery pieces a break to prevent excessive wear. Rotate through your collection to ensure all pieces get equal attention and care.

By following these guidelines, you can preserve the beauty and integrity of your fashion jewellery, ensuring that each piece continues to enhance your style for years to come.

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